Volunteer with Us

CU Volunteering is quite simply the gift of time to the Children's University to make a difference to the learning experience of children - either directly with the children or indirectly in a supporting role.

We know that, when they reach 15 (the upper age of CU participation), many of our older CU learners would like to further develop their skills with us. This often comes as their thoughts turn to their plans for when they are 16 or older, whether they be college applications with longer term aims for university, apprenticeships or entry to the workplace.

At CU Trust we have been developing our work with older participants – those aged 15+, with no upper age limit. 

Our work has been developed in partnership with University of Plymouth, Staffordshire University and the National Mentoring and Befriending Foundation.

It is not our intention to be a volunteering agency but, with the appropriate support and training for new volunteers, to provide our local CU partners (whether they be Learning Destinations or local CU centres) with access to volunteering support for their Children’s University work, drawn from their local communities.

How does it work?

Alongside the Passport to Learning we have introduced the Passport to Volunteering, which works in much the same way.  Our CU Volunteers record evidence of the time spent volunteering and are recognised and celebrated in the same way as our CU Learners through the presentation of CU Awards and Certificates.

The benefits of CU Volunteering

CU Volunteering provides great opportunities for volunteers.

The opportunity:

  • to get involved in the local community
  • to take part in a scheme partnered with the volunteering section of the Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • to share talents and discover new ones
  • for career development
  • to develop and build experience for a CV.



Our CU Volunteers decide how much time they are able to give.

They might:

  • support a trip or visit
  • be part of a team running a summer project
  • help us to find new learning opportunities
  • support a regular after-school activity
  • offer skills and expertise to help the management of a local CU centre

All aspects of volunteering, of any kind and for any organisation, make a difference

CU Volunteers help us to:

  • engage more widely with our local communities
  • build upon and enhance the learning activities we offer
  • provide more role models for children, providing memorable experiences
  • support the sustainability of our local CU centres. 

If you are interested in finding out more, contact your local CU centre.

Don’t just take our word for it


“The cookery project was an amazing experience… I cannot believe how much I’ve learned while having fun! I would recommend this experience to anyone.” Mum and CU Volunteer
“I can’t believe how many new skills I’ve learned and I’m so proud of what we have achieved.” Secondary School Pupil and CU Volunteer
“Hopefully we have inspired some of these children to be chefs in the future.” Business and CU Volunteer