School Membership

"Children’s University is the spark that awakens our children to the possibility of achieving great things" 
Richard Machin, Primary Head Teacher

Schools are choosing Children’s University as a way to build a curriculum “from the inside out” and to open the children’s eyes to the power and magic of learning, often in places and ways they might least expect.

There are a number of ways Children’s University can support school improvement:

  • As a means of shaping national initiatives into local priorities, for example, through the celebration of achievement through activities provided as part of the Sports Premium;
  • As part of a transition programme, enabling activities to continue across school holiday/summer school programmes for children moving from Year 6 to Year 7;
  • As a different context for offering activities to develop the personal and learning skills and pupils;

As a vehicle which is open to all, but can be targeted at those who need it most, CU is a an effective and justifiable use of the Pupil Premium. Contact us to request information about using your Pupil Premium for Children's University. 

Links with Ofsted

School leaders are challenged to provide a curriculum which “prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life in modern Britain” (OFSTED School Inspection Handbook 2015) yet so much of this learning takes place outside the normal school day.

The benefits of CU extend far beyond traditional accountability frameworks, but schools tell us that they choose CU as a part of a whole school approach to developing spiritual, moral, social and cultural education, as well as improving attendance, behaviour and attitudes to learning. 

Harpfield Primary – Ofsted 2015

Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is a key priority for the school and is excellent.  Many pupils earn recognition on the Roll of Honour for the Children’s University.

Behaviour: Attendance at the after-school clubs, which are held for an hour every day is high.  Pupils enjoy craft activities, many sports, films and gardening clubs and enjoy gaining credits for the Children’s University. 


“Attendance has gone up over the last twelve months term on term, without doubt I would credit some of that to Children’s University and the activities we put on.”

Kay Roe,Learning Mentor
Malin Bridge Primary School, Sheffield


If you are interested in finding out more about how your school can become involved with the Children’s University and the costs involved, and the support you can expect to receive, please contact us.

Where we have a Children’s University local to you we will put you in touch.  Where there is no local Children’s University, we will be happy to explore with you ways in which your school can become involved.