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There are so many reasons to get your school involved in Children’s University. The Education Endowment Foundation has Children’s University listed as a promising project; our focus on activities beyond the classroom is a great fit for Ofsted’s new focus on character development; and our digital platform, Children’s University Online, can support your school with skills development and reporting against the Gatsby Benchmarks. We could go on.

Is there a Children's University in your area?

Children’s University is a network of centres that manage their activities locally, including relationships with member schools. If you’re a school looking to sign up, your local Children’s University is the best place to start when it comes to getting involved, as they can tell you how they manage membership and the processes and costs involved. To find contact details for your nearest Children’s University, use our search page.

What if there isn't a Children's University in my area?

If your school is in an area where there is no Children’s University in operation, you can still sign up. You could sign up as a Children’s University licensee and get all the tools you need to run in your school or multi-academy trust. Contact Sonya Christensen and ask about ‘Children’s University in a Box’.

Not a school?

We do work with Virtual Schools, Looked After Children and have ways of working with SEN organisations and PRUs. If you want to know more about how we could support your organisation, get in touch.